Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Married Life...

So I actually forgot that I started this blog and that is why there have been no more posts recently! However, I found it and will hopefully be more responsible with it this time!

It has been 81 days since the wedding! I cannot believe that we have been married for almost 3 months. It just seems surreal to me. I am loving it though! The wedding was amazing! About 25% of the day went as planned and the know :) It all worked out though and was absolutely perfect! Here is one of my favorite pics from that special day!
We had a blast in Cozumel too! It was so relaxing! We got massages, wandered around the island, and we got to check out one of the new seven wonders of the world, Chichen Itza! Here's a couple of my favorite pics from the honeymoon!

So, needless to say we are back to reality now. Oh how I wish we could go back to Mexico!!

I'm finishing up my Bachelor's degree and will graduate this November! Woohoo! But these last few classes just might kick my butt! Three classes....THAT'S IT! I cannot believe I am finally going to be a college graduate...10 years after I left high school! Oh well....better late than never!

I promise I will keep up with this better from now on! Especially since I don't have all the hustle and bustle of wedding stuff going on anymore!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Butterflies.... I've never done a blog before but I was bored at work today and decided to try it out. What better time than now...11 days before I get married! AAHHHH!!! That was a good scream. This is such an exciting happy time and I have so many emotions flowing through me that I feel like I have butterflies in my stomach...constantly. I honestly cannot wait. It's my dream wedding...on the beach. All I ever wanted when I was a little girl was to get married on the know how all girls have their vision of their perfect wedding?? And I'm lucky enough to have family that is making it all happen for the two of us. It is exactly how I pictured and I'm sure on the day of it will be perfect...even if something goes wrong. Wedding planning has been so stressful. It's like a hurry up and wait game, and the wait is almost over! I can't believe in just a few short days I will be Mrs. Phillip Loehr. It's scary, yet exciting! I've been a Lewis for 27 years! I just hope I don't pass out during the ceremony! I must remember to breathe. I do have comfort in the fact that if I do pass out I will be standing right next to the person that will always be there to catch me when I fall.

We have been so fortunate in this whole wedding planning process. Without the help of our friends and family we would probably be having a courthouse wedding! I'm pretty sure we have given everyone a job whether they liked it or not! And if they didn't like it they sure are good at faking it! :)

We are also really lucky to have one of our very good friends who also happens to be our Pastor conducting our ceremony. What better gift than to have someone that knows you and knows your relationship and family so well be the one in charge of joining two hearts. It's awesome and we love him and are so thankful he is marrying us! Even though he is leaving for a Honduras mission trip EARLY the next morning!

So, I said I've never done a blog before so I'm guessing I did it right! LOL! I don't really know if there is a wrong way! However, I am super excited, nervous, anxious, happy, ecstatic and totally in love! And Phil and I are getting married in 11 short days! I will try to keep this thing updated from time to time but don't expect any action from May 2-May 9 cause we are cutting ourselves off from the outside world and enjoying our time together as newlyweds in Cozumel, Mexico!!!

As for now...I will continue on with my days of butterflies fluttering around in my stomach!